Each YCLUB NFT is a key allowing the holders to enter the YCLUB Metaverse community and engage in exclusive DeFi investment opportunities. This full suite of DeFi tools enables community members to leverage unique investments at below-market-rate costs: more in the DeFi roadmap: coming soon.
Holders of dNFTs can profit from revenue generated from events and other Metaverse activities. Loyalty is rewarded to encourage community members to remain in the YCLUB ecosystem. The rewards are made in the YCLUB coin: SYC for holding either NFT type, digital or physical.
This means that pNFT holders are rewarded with profits from real-world revenue and the digital space. Thanks to the real asset that backs the pNFTs, a Superyacht that generates revenue in the physical world, pNFTs holders receive profits from the business generated from the Yacht, i.e., ownership of built/bought Superyachts will bring revenue from the charter/rental profits.
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