YCLUB Metaverse Activities & Commerce

Each Crowdfunded Superyacht, i.e., pNFT collection and the dNFT collections will be launched into the YCLUB Metaverse.

$SYC is the utility coin within the YCLUB Metaverse – where it can be used to:
  • Purchase merchandise in the eCommerce marketplace
  • Attend and purchase in fashion shows
  • Attend online parties and concerts
  • Yacht charter in the Metaverse
  • Run eCommerce businesses in the Metaverse, supporting delivery in the real world
  • Attend and purchase in the Art Gallery
  • Participate in auctions in the ocean
  • Pay for advertising
  • Engage with the online casino on Metaverse Superyacht Lana
  • Participate in online KTV (Karaoke)
  • Book meeting rooms
  • Purchase Metaverse real estate
Within the Metaverse, community members are able to purchase plots of virtual real estate and set up their own islands. If they are an NFT collection holder, the Metaverse Superyachts will periodically dock on their island, and they will earn further rewards.
Additional revenue will be generated in the Metaverse via strategic partnership with other communities to enable other virtual communities to access events on YCLUB’s fleet of Metaverse Superyachts.
Various games will be available within the Metaverse, such as:
  • Trivia P2E games (Location identification)
  • P2E Marine Traffic Controller game
  • P2E Yacht racing
  • P2E Sailing yachts
  • Play2Clean The Ocean Game
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