The DeFi services provided to the YCLUB community allow members to earn passive income from digital assets, that is, the NFTs and the native YCLUB coin, SYC. In addition, holding of pNFTs provides access to the revenue share that is the outcome of the Crowdfunded Superyacht’s yearly revenues.
The value proposition that YCLUBs DeFi offers its community is its capability to remove the barriers to entry and, at the same time, leverage the dual advantages of DeFi and real-world income streams.
The DeFi marketplace will act as a one-stop-shop for YCLUB community members where they can access:
  • YCLUB DEX (decentralized exchange): to exchange SYC for other tokens
  • Non-custodial staking rewards, i.e., interest for holding SYC
  • Non-custodial NFT/Crypto wallet
  • NFT marketplace to trade dNFTs and pNFTs
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