NFT Trading
Encouraging novice users
As stated in the challenges, there are few investment opportunities in which NFTs are backed by real assets. The real-world revenue opportunities offered by pNFT ownership help bridge the traditional investor into the crypto investment sphere. By offering the community real-world investment opportunities in the form of pNFTs, YCLUB will encourage those more traditionally-minded investors to begin their journey as novice crypto investors. This allows YCLUB to tap a large, emergent market.
Robust Compliance Chain
One of the challenges of pNFTs is establishing a robust compliance chain that supports and validates the asset that underlies the pNFT. YCLUB will undertake all the administrative efforts to ensure that shared ownership of physical assets is backed both by the pNFT and the required administrative records.
YCLUB is in the unique position of validating ownership of assets, the Superyacht/s, whose value is unrivaled. Furthermore, these assets already exist or, for Crowdfunded builds, will be launched into the highly-regulated marine environment – thereby reducing the administrative burden of this undertaking.
Regulatory Compliance
By providing a full-service ecosystem, YCLUB community members can enjoy the financial and administrative benefits of staying on-platform, such as simplified, consolidated financials for regulatory compliance.
Different regulatory bodies across the world have different requirements for KYC and AML (Anti-money Laundering) regarding investing in NFTs and tokens in general. YCLUB’s ecosystem approach will assist loyal customers by providing all asset administration from within one wallet.
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