NFT Revenue
YCLUB offers the NFT market the first ecosystem to leverage passive income generation according to the model applied by coin-based DeFis, whereby dNFT and pNFT holders benefit from non-expirable passive income.
By holding NFTs in the YCLUB crypto wallet, community members gain “cash back” rewards for their loyalty in SYC.
In addition to passive in-ecosystem gains, pNFT holders also receive revenue generated from leveraging the Crowdfunded Superyacht both in the real and in the Metaverse.
Revenue streams include: eCommerce marketplace leveraging exclusive rights on the Metaverse Superyacht merchandise and events (disbursed to pNFT and dNFTs holders) Marketplace for crypto charter, events, and rentals of the physical Superyacht/s (pNFT holders)
The physical world revenue streams are able to reach beyond the NFT and DeFi spaces by bringing in more established revenue streams such as charters and rentals to the TV and Film industry. YCLUB’s provision of these third-party marketplaces will enable NFT holders to benefit from traditional verticals.
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