Exclusive Communities
By offering community members a simplified crypto UX, providing real-world investment opportunities, and simplifying regulatory compliance, YCLUB anticipates attracting novice crypto investors. The in-group, exclusive nature of the YCLUB community will assist such community members to invest with confidence.
People value shared and luxurious experiences. Ownership of YCLUB’s dNFTs provides access to a curated and exclusive world. In the case of YCLUB’s Yacht Club, such experiences include unique access to worlds of luxury that most people couldn't fathom without first-hand knowledge. YCLUB extends itself as a bridge to unparalleled luxury experiences by allowing only YCLUB members the chance to own shares in Superyachts: both in the Metaverse through the dNFTs and the physical asset with pNFTs.
The first pNFT sale, shared ownership in the Crowdfunded Yacht Build, provides a real-world stake in a Superyacht that few can afford. YCLUB's pNFT model, therefore, provides its owners access to a supremely exclusive community – as the world has less than 100,000 such Superyachts.
The corresponding dNFT initial sale is requisite to participate in the subsequent pNFT Crowdfunding round. The initial dNFT ownership round gives shared ownership in the Metaverse Yacht Lana; wherein community members can engage with each other and participate in the e-Commerce opportunities, such as purchasing exclusive yachting opportunities, merchandise, and access to events. This means that, even if investors do not proceed to purchase pNFTs, ownership of dNFT/s gives them a shared experience within YCLUB’s exclusive community.
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