Community Building
YCLUB believes that the pool of real-world Yacht enthusiasts is both significant and ready to be formed into a virtual community. Very few people can aspire to engage with the Superyacht community, let alone join it. YCLUB breaks down this barrier by bringing Superyacht ownership to people who can otherwise only dream of joining. YCLUB’s Metaverse will support community members to interact with like-minded people.
As part of the marketing strategy to promote the building of the community, various marketing events and giveaways will be undertaken:
  • high-value airdrops of SYC
  • airdrop/affiliate program, i.e., encouraging viral referrals to improve the chance of receiving airdrops
  • digital avatar giveaways (PFPs) dNFT giveaways
  • digital avatar giveaways (PFPs)

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