YCLUB's Roadmap
Thanks to our marketing efforts in the early phases, YCLUB anticipates gaining in the region of 100,000 members in the first 24-36 months.
To achieve the vision laid out, the YCLUB team proposes the following roadmap. This proposal supports the initial launch of the first dNFT collection, the Crowdfunding pNFT to build the first YCLUB Superyacht, and launching the Superyacht Lana into the Metaverse.
Achieving these outcomes requires the following phases:

In Q2 of 2022:
  • Establishment of corporation in Dubai and BVI
  • Partnership Established

Q3 of 2022 sees YCLUB launching:
  • Funding from Private Investors (YCLUB)
  • Tokenomics for $SYC
  • Whitepaper
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • 7000 NFT mint *dNFT mint Super Yacht Lana Launch, Genesis Collection Aug 16 (exclusive rights to Lana in the Metaverse)
  • Networking events around the globe for YCLUB members

Q4 2022 sees YCLUB expanding its community:
  • $SYC Coin Launch
  • Token airdrop for dNFT minters (From 25% value of mint)
  • Sandbox YCLUB
  • DEX
  • Monaco Event
  • YCLUB Super Yacht Marketplace Development (first of its kind)

Q1 of 2023:
  • Super Yacht Crowdfunding Mint
  • YCLUB Metaverse BETA
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