NFT Functionality
Upon ownership of dNFTs or pNFTs, users are classified as community members, i.e., they have access to further functionality within the YCLUB ecosystem. The YCLUB ecosystem provides a marketplace where rich data about individual items and groups of collectibles is available. Ownership of either NFT type reaps SYC rewards, which in and of themselves, grants community members access to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform and investment opportunities.
Aside from the passive income opportunities provided by NFT ownership, NFT holders can access value-add services such as a fiat on-ramp, a quick sign-in option, and a social media login mechanism.
The NFT marketplace is integrated with the required Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This allows for collectibles to be minted and listed on YCLUB's NFT marketplace according to the standards issued by the L1 blockchain network. HTTP APIs enable the sharing of metadata of individual tokens and balances in YCLUB wallets.
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